Two ingredient DIY face sugar scrub

Recently I have been obsessed with frugal skin care. I’m a frugal person and believe that less is more. After neglecting skin care for long time, I finally got around to compiling a skin care routine that works for me. All of the skin care products I use are chosen frugally and the only thing lacking from my skincare routine was weekly exfoliator.  I wanted to make a sugar scrub with items I already owned and since I didn’t want to over complicate it, I chose coconut oil and dark brown soft sugar scrub. I love this scrub and use it weekly. I have a combination skin and this works for me. Please do make sure you know the type of skin you have first.

I already have 500ml coconut oil from Superdrug  for £5.99. I bought it  to oil my hair especially during winter when my scalp gets dry. Superdrug’s coconut oil is suitable for skin and hair and it costs roughly a penny per milliliter. It smells amazing and leaves the skin soft and moisturized. The other ingredient is Belbake’s dark brown soft sugar, £1.39 per kilogram from Aldi. Brown sugar particles are smaller than granulated sugar and it is soft and gentle on the skin.

To make this simple yet effective sugar scrub, use a clean and dry bowl or container for mixing two parts of brown sugar and one part of coconut oil.  Follow 2 to 1 ratio and mix well. If you want to test this DIY scrub but do not want to use and waste huge quantities of your ingredients then mix 2 teaspoon of brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. If you really like this scrub like I do, then mix two cups of brown sugar with one cup of coconut oil. In metric, that’s 200g of brown sugar with 100ml of coconut oil.

Please comment if you have tried it or have any suggestions for me. I hope you enjoy and like this easy but effective sugar scrub like I do. Thank you for reading!

-Peach Ribbon –