First post

I am person who is living and breathing the sedentary lifestyle and I hate it. I am aware that my time away from work is spent being lazy,  lifeless and stuck to my mobile phone. It has become a second nature to me and a dreadful habit. I need constant distraction and stimulation. I distract myself whenever I’m watching a movie with my phone and vice versa. I run more on autopilot than living in the moment. I don’t eat my food mindfully, I rush. I’m not aware of the smell, taste and texture of every bite I take and before I know it I have eaten till I have become full and a shadow of self-disgust looms over me. I wear my yoga pants after work with the intention of working out or doing yoga but that has never happened. I have eight books piled up on my bedside and I have only finished one (because it’s a graphic novel). I’m not unhappy with myself but there must be more to my life than this. Where does my time go? This isn’t a self hate post, but a self realization post.

I like my life but I know I can be better. I don’t want to spend hours and waste my time on my couch and end up regretting the lost day. However, there are days when I just want a break and do nothing because my work week has been hectic. During those days, I need time to catch up with myself. But the problem is how I spend my majority of my disposable time right now.

I want to lose weight, I want to feel energized and feel productive with my time. I can whine about it all I like, but what do I want to do about it? That’s the big question. I want to start small. Everyday life feels the same but when you look back not one day is the same.  Firstly, I want to state what big changes I actually want to see in my life:

  1. Lose weight and reach health BMI of 21 by 31/12/2018.
  2. Be a mindful eater.
  3. Log calories eaten everyday.
  4. Meditate everyday for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Do not slouch in the bed or couch till after 10.00 pm.
  6. Do Yoga for 3 hours every week
  7. Do HIIT work out for 3 hours every week
  8. Switch off phone and disconnect for 8 hours every week (Sleeping time doesn’t count)
  9. Write journal everyday. Doesn’t have to be much, even a word is fine.
  10. Read more books.

I know there is a lot to change and I’m not expecting myself to implement them straight away and automatically change my life. I want to take one step at a time. I want to understand myself better day by day and bit by bit. I want to be the person I know I can be. Life is continuous as long as you are living. I know that once I manage to hit all of my goals, I will have 10 more. But writing 10 new goals in some years down the line indicates that I have accomplished these challenges. With this, I end my first post. Thank you for reading Peach Ribbon.


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